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    Early years[ edit care a fost intervievat în comerțul cu petrol Gennady Timchenko and Torbjörn Törnqvist began working together inand formalized Gunvor in Torbjörn Törnqvist is a Swedish citizen born in He has traded oil across the world for over twenty years, beginning his career at BP.

    Gennady Timchenko is a Finnish citizen born in the Soviet Union in He has more than 20 years experience in the oil industry, beginning with the Kirishi refinery during perestroikaand was one of the first Russians to export oil to Europe after the Soviet Union collapsed. InGunvor made major investments into physical assets such as oil terminals and facilities, the largest being into its oil export terminal in the port of Ust-Luga on the Baltic Seaoutside of St-Petersburg.

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    In Septemberthe terminal was sold to Transneft. The field has proven reserves of over million barrels of oil.

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    The Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam refinery can process 88, barrels per day, while the Ingolstadt refinery located in Bavaria can handlebarrels per day and is supplied by the Transalpine Pipeline bitcoins plumb the marine shipping terminal in TriesteItaly. Gunvor also owns a large refinery with a capacity in excess ofbarrels per day located in the north of the Port of Antwerp.

    The company intends to continue to expand and diversify inboth geographically and across the energy value chain.

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    Marking a new phase in its expansion into the European energy markets, Gunvor entered its first trades in the natural gaspower and carbon markets in Januaryand extending its trading capability across North West and Central Europe for physical natural gas and coal across the globe. Smith for as a coal trader inand Fredrik Bodecke who will be responsible for the Nordic and Baltic electricity markets. It was said that its two co-founders held an equal number of shares, with the balance being held in an employee benefit trust for senior management.

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    Both of these parties sued for libel. The lawsuit was settled in July We are happy to make it clear that when we referred to the "new corruption" in today's Russia, we did not intend to suggest that either Gunvor or Mr Timchenko obtained their Russian oil business as a result of payment by them of bribes or like corrupt inducements.

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    We accept Gunvor's assurances that neither Vladimir Putin nor other senior Russian political figures have any ownership interest in Gunvor. We regret if any contrary impression was given. It said that John Beyrlethe United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation stated that close connections exist between Gunvor and the Russian Government and that he reported: "its secretive ownership is rumoured to include prime minister Putin.

    Gunvor stated in response to the WikiLeaks disclosure that Timchenko and Tornqvist owned "a large majority of Gunvor" and that a "minority stake is owned by an employee benefit trust". It went on to say that "the company had taken out credit facilities which require full disclosure of company ownership".