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Our average mont Recently one of our vehicles was broken into and the thief found our fuel card and the pin code to btc wex Wex card.

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This included 41 back to back transactions at one location. We are being told that we are responsible since they had the pin code.

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Are you telling me that Wex doesn't not have safe guards in place for their customers? There should have been many reg flags going off and you mean to tell me there are none. The thief spent more in 3 days than we have spent in a month for the last 4 years. Is this how you treat your customers.

Wex de revizuire

Needless to say we have found another company to take care of this expense for our company. I just wanted to warn Wex's customers of their take on a tragic event like this and how poorly they handled it. It was most frustrating trying to speak with someone with any authority. We had to email through the fraud department and wait 90 days for a response.

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The response we got was absurd. Just fair warning they have no protection for their customers. The thief found the pin code in the employee's work binder but this could have easily have been a disgruntled employee who would have the pin anyway.

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